Kenyans in diaspora concerned with CORD wrangles

Our concerns have grown particularly as a result of what appears to be a hardening of positions with regard to the picking of the Coalition’s presidential candidate.A dangerous attitude of me or nothing seems to be taking roots in the coalition. In this regard, the position taken by Wiper leaders during their rally in Tononoka last Sunday stood out for all the wrong reasons. The decision by the Party’s leadership to direct its attacks at Coalition partners was in extremely bad taste and cannot be acceptable.The insistence by Wiper leaders that Mr Kalonzo Musyoka must be the flag bearer, just like that of Ford Kenya that Mr. Moses Wetangula must be the candidate amount to trying to make ODM leaders negotiate with guns over their head. That can never be a way to build a coalition. That belligerence could only make ODM also dig in for a fight to prove its might.It is not enough for the leaders of these parties to sit back and pretend not to know what their foot soldiers are saying. The leadership of Wiper particularly needs to urgently reign in its renegade Secretary General Mr. Hassan Omar who seems to be blinded by his desire to become the governor of Mombasa. Hon Kalonzo Musyoka must show leadership and call his SG to order with immediate effect if at all what Mr Omar says is not Wiper’s position.We are also disturbed by demands for endorsement that are founded on nothing other than the fact that Raila, who was the candidate in 2013, has lost twice.We find this disturbing because it has always been our understanding, and CORD’s position that the 2013 elections were stolen by Jubilee. In fact, CORD has said it did several audits all of which showed it won the elections but was rigged out.I wonder where former Vice President Kalonzo and Senator Wetangula were when the Supreme Court through former Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga made the shocking ruling which legalized the Uhuru Presidency! I also wonder where they were when the outgoing IEBC chair Isaak Hassan openly bungled the Presidential election which is clearly known by all and sundry!Mr. Odinga has on many occasions also said his victory was stolen in 2007. None other than Kalonzo has said in public that Mr Odinga has been denied victory twice; in 2007 and 2013.We are therefore shocked to hear the same co-principals now turn around to say Mr. Odinga has lost twice after four years of telling people their victory was stolen. This double speak must stop because it smacks of wanting credibility and deceit.

The 2013 elections were conducted under the new constitution in which the presidential candidate and running mate are a package. To isolate the candidate from the running mate and blame that candidate for the loss is illogical. CORD Presidential ticket in 2013 was a package of Raila, Kalonzo and Wetangula. Any of the three or all of them could have been the cause of the loss.We urge CORD leaders to stick to the agreement arrived at during its retreat a few months ago that it would conduct several internal polls to determine who should be its flag bearer in the court of public opinion.This approach seems to us scientific and most logical.The country is going through challenging times. Kenyans are overwhelmed with: high levels of corruption, incompetence, impunity, tribalism, insecurity, inflation, unemployment and many social injustices amongst other highs within Jubilee coalition. The majority of Kenyans hoped that the CORD coalition would put their selfish interests aside and unite to legally Jubilee from power. What Kenyans have witnessed the last weekend has left many people sad and in state of hopelessness. Sacrifices must be made; personal ambitions must be set aside for the good of many. When the leadership at the top is accountable and selfless, it mirrors down well to the citizens. Unfortunately, the currently government has failed completely since it took power “legally” four years ago. With that failure, there lays an opportunity for CORD coalition!In the meantime, we the Kenya Patriotic Movement urge CORD to direct its energies at explaining why it should be voted into office and why Jubilee must be voted out. Directing criticism at each other within the opposition defeats every logical purpose.The Kenya Patriotic Movement (KEPAM) is an organization which brings together Kenyans at home and in the diaspora in the quest for Social Justice, fairness in the electoral Process, equity and equality. We have watched the latest developments in the Coalition for Reform and Democracy (CORD) with a lot of concern.1) President: Joseph Lister Nyaringo——-New Jersey USA 2) Secretary General: Albert Obulukhu Musasia—- Texas USA3) Communication Director: Karani Onsomu—- Delaware USA

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