Kenya Patriotic Movement embodies the desire for Kenyans at home and abroad to model citizen participation in the electoral process. Increased voter apathy and disillusionment in the fairness of the election overseers has significantly affected the desire for regular folks to actively participate in this democratic right. This alongside other factors like distance continually affects citizen participation in the electoral process.

We Believe in:

  • Civic awareness, agitating for social justice, fair electoral process and equality.
  •  Good leadership and informed citizenry.
  • Empowering vulnerable groups like women, persons with disabilities and the youth.
  • Accountability, civility, peace and dialogue.
  • Partnerships with individuals, civil society actors, Private sector, the government, academia as well as the business community.
  • Citizen’s participation in matters of governance

The Future

In 1991, the inception of political pluralism paved way for the second liberation. Twenty years later, a new constitution was born which paved the way for a devolved system of governance in the country.

The new dispensation has kept many Kenyans in the dark

KEPAM is prepared to play a critical role to train citizens in all the 47 counties on matters of civic engagements, voting process and good leadership practices.

We stand as an independent entity to guide, advice, train, involve and commit citizens on issues that affect their individual and collective lives. KEPAM will take a position during an election period to advice citizens on how to identify the right leader across the board-from Presidency to representatives in the county assemblies.

Information is power; and so is knowledge. Therefore, it MUST be shared by all to all. Good governance, truth, justice, fairness.

Why KEPAM is Unique

  • We are decentralized and a people-drive movement
  • We Enjoy ethnic and gender Diversity
  • We involve citizens from all walks of life in the pursuit of our mission
  • We have a strong and viable homeland and diaspora presence
  • We harness ideas and perspectives from all citizens

Support Us!

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