ID/Voter Registration

Millions of kenyans fail to have their voice heard due to lack of ID/Voter Registration. We are the team mobilizing and facillitating access to this crucial facilities.

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Civic Education

We all have a duty to enlighten our communities on their rights and responsibilities. Lets join hands, network and create empowered communities

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What our nation needs is visionary leadership. We are joining Kenyans in public vetting our leaders, supporting leaders of goodwill and developing our nation.

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KEPAM is an Organization& Movement, Crafted Designed to bring together Kenyans at Home and Diaspora in their quest for social justice, civic education to the masses, supporting fairness in electoral processes, equality of all Kenyan society and advocacy for accountable and transparency governance practices.


To fuse the synergy of Kenyans at home and abroad in their quest for good governance and leadership focused on solving peoples despair and responding to emerging challenges. Through information sharing, civic and voter education empowerment; alongside agitation for Justice, Equity and Equality in the country, Kenya patriotic Movement intends to lead the way in the democratic process in Kenya through voter participation.


Are you ready?

If you are a contestant, community leader or volunteer we definiteley need you to join our team.